Routine Danger

Routine Danger

“There’s no denying the vast majority of us are creatures of habit”

We like the security and predictability of routine. We feel safer when we have a plan for our day; a plan we can trust.

The danger of routine is its stickiness. If we could place ourselves in the mind of an obsessive compulsive for a moment, we’d understand, through extreme example, the stickiness of routine.

Thankfully, the majority of us, don’t suffer from full blown OCD, yet there are many of us who live with a mild form of it. Perhaps many more than we could safely estimate. Perhaps, we all, live with a mild form of OCD.

Take a moment to consider the routines of your day. Are most day’s for you different? If this is the case, you’re certainly one of the lucky ones, however, what about the weekly routines or the yearly ones? We all live with some degree of routine, we’re human, it’s in our nature.

“It could be said that routines are inescapable”

In fact, if we woke every day without a plan (that potentially matched that of yesterday or the same day last week or last year) of some sort, we’d be lost. There’d be no purpose or map for the day, and we know what happens to those with no map and no purpose, don’t we?

All in all, when we consider human nature: our need for security and predictability, we get a better sense of the importance of raising our awareness. Raising awareness of our nature is essential. Awareness helps us see the necessity of change and variety.

Getting stuck in the horrible stickiness of routine is often the root to mild depression. We must add a little to the mix if we’re to remain well. We do this through being sufficiently challenged. We also do it through adding variety, change and purpose.

Ultimately when we break our routines we get more from life. For a fuller life, all that’s required, is a little courage to leave the comfortable nest of routine.