Are You Hungry?


“I don’t want to go, it’s cold and frosty outside, the dogs chase me” said the squirrel.

“We know” said God. “Have you not got food stored outside though?”

Before the squirrel’s sleepy mind had registered, how arguing any point with God was pointless, he’d already said “Yes but” out loud. Trying to change how things were – how things were arranged in the universe – was futile. His instincts reminded him of that again now.

Squirrel was hungry, he didn’t bother attempting any further argument with God, he simply uncurled his body and reluctantly shuffled out from his warm nest of straw and dried leaves. Crouching on hind legs, at the entrance to the hollowed out tree now, he sniffed the air. It smelt fresh and new. I must go and find my nuts, he thought.

Bounding down the tree, memories of where his nuts were stored, started to return. It was then that he heard it: the bark. He stopped and looked up. Sure enough, there was the dog, was it on a leash this time? Had it been restrained?

Squirrel understood, at times, even restrained dogs pulled hard enough to break free from their owners grip. He’d been chased so many times before. Cautiously, with a flick of his tail, he set off.

“Oh my God, look!” said the dog owner, “A red squirrel, look at him go!” The dog pulled hard, desperately trying to give chase, would the pet break free from her owners grip? Had the dogs response been anticipated?

Squirrel saw his chance, he was away; the cold hardly noticed now as his body warmed with the exertion of running. Seeking out his nuts was always such fun on a cold spring morning.

Some of the danger past now. He must remain vigilant though, the risk of disease from the greys, always present.

God said: “Be on your way my beautiful red squirrel.”