Aware, The Nissan Anti Theft System (NATS)

Being Aware and Raising our Awareness

Being Aware and Raising our Awareness

So you decide to go shopping – including cake and coffee on the way – jump in your supper reliable Nissan Micra, only to find that after travelling 200 yards down the road, the Nissan Anti Theft System (NATS) activates and everything stops. You look down at the dashboard and become aware of a silly little light flashing away and eventually you work out what the little light means: It translates to ‘You’re Buggered.’

On searching the internet all is revealed: as these cars get older the NAT System starts to malfunction. Loads of suggestions are put forward as to how this can be remedied, from disconnecting and reconnecting the battery (already thought of that one) to leaving the ignition on and then speaking very nicely to your car whilst doing a little dance in the street. None worked incidentally, although the dancing was fun!

As you can probably imagine, what commenced after Nissan’s untimely ‘Lock Down,’ was an entire afternoon taken up with pushing, towing, and phone calls to garages. As I write, the poor little Micra sits on a garage forecourt, awaiting being plugged into their diagnostic whatsayamacallit. So much for cake and coffee, the shopping can wait.

This brings me to the analogy I like to spot in most of each days event – give everything a reason, other than the obvious (it’s time to change a worn out Micra) – and life becomes a little more interesting.

Locked Down is something many people are. They’re locked out of their own minds. My experience with the Micra is how it must feel to have poor awareness. Powerlessness. We’re powerless when we have poor awareness.

Nissan-Qashqai-nats-security-warning-dashboard-lightThe Nat System works through having an awareness, through varying sensors, of whether things are as they should be or not. If the system suspects there’s a problem the NATS immobiliser signals to the Engine Control Module (ECM) which then inhibits starting. 

“Think of our NAT System as our awareness. A form of defence against invasion and harm from others. Awareness inhibits control of our system (mind) by others.”

All kinds of issues can arise, within the bodymind, through our lack of control and manipulation by others. If we’re unable to spot the dangers, of what can be inflicted on us by better aware humans – who may harbour malicious intent – we end up being used and abused; only to wonder why we feel so limited and incapable all the time. Our NAT System is reliant on our awareness.

The diagnostic tool we have at our disposal is easily employed. All we need do is ask ourselves some simple things. We need to ask ourselves: Am I getting what I want out of life? Do those around me help or hinder my quest? Am I succeeding? Are my relationships fulfilling? To what extent am I driven by the things that seem beyond my control?

That last question is very important. Through increasing our awareness we become enlightened as to how we can be simply acting out those things our id (primitive instinct) wants. As such, these final questions are just as important: Are my actions driven by a lack of awareness (a faulty NAT System). Is my power being taken from me by those around  me?

“Be aware, the human animal has had many thousands of years to perfect his methods of ‘locking down’ his fellow man. We fix the defence mechanism by raising our awareness.”