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Self-aware. In Response to:

“I personally believe it’s all down to awareness which doesn’t actually have a massive correlation to intelligence. The more self-aware we are the closer we become to creating self-aware AI.”

The comments from bookstooge were quite staggering on several levels. Firstly Christianity is so lacking in awareness it’s become a joke to those who are. Secondly we all know a good american will respond to many things they fail to understand with a bullet. There lies the main problem: fear.

Fear gets in the way of rational thinking. If we’d all responded to 9/11 differently – with rational thought – we’d potentially be living in a society slightly less violent and frightened than it is today.

Of course human history is full of violence and we can’t blame all of this on the americans; just most of it. Iain Banks understood, if we’re to live in a society free from the ego, and will of violent, self-destructive psychopathic humans, we need to be governed by an intelligence that has a far greater awareness then we currently do.

“Nietzsche and his ‘will-to-power’ explains all too clearly the main reason humans always seem to revert to violent answers (or vile gameplay) to their problems. AI, that is free of this phenomena, would likely be free from much of the conflict we face.”

Once again I believe self-awareness is the key to us making the changes so desperately needed. An interesting piece, Thank You. א

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