Believe in Your Higher-Self

To begin to understand the concept of a higher-self we will need to make some presuppositions.

1, We must make the presupposition that our higher-self responds to our unconscious intentions.

2, We must make the presupposition that our higher-self responds unquestioningly, to all loving intentions, whatever they might be.

3, Love is the force acting on your higher-self.

To help explain, let’s take the example of accidents. Let’s say there’s a part of you – not fully acknowledged – that want’s to make some kind of change. Because this need for change isn’t acknowledged, on a conscious level, it becomes the job of your higher-self to fulfil it.

“From wanting a new phone (even though you can’t afford one) to changing your lifestyle (even though you consciously can’t see an escape) your higher-self will look to assist you.”

Let’s imagine you have a job you dislike. On your way to work you have an accident. Some time later, propped up at home with your leg in plaster, hindsight begins to do its work. You begin to ponder on why you recklessly rode your pushbike up the inside left of the lorry, that knocked you off, when you knew the dangers.

Let’s imagine you’ve now dropped your phone, for the sixth time, and the screen has finally smashed. Once again hindsight is doing its work as you wonder, in your annoyed state, why a part of your mind seemed to refuse to put the damned thing somewhere safe.

Both gentle examples yet when we understand that we’re at least fifty percent responsible, for everything that happens to us, we’re getting closer to understanding the actions, of our higher-self.

Even though we may not be in a position to take the time off work, it would take for a broken leg to fix and find a new job, and even though we can’t afford a new phone, our higher-self is unable to question or consider this kind of logical reasoning, especially when it’s fear based.

“All your higher-self will do is seek to fulfil desires that confirm a love of you. Yes a new phone says “I love you” and yes, a new job or lifestyle, also says “I love you” as such, your higher-self will help, in whatever manner, it sees fit.”

To add to this, how interesting is it to consider this reality: we always survive? In fact, how often is it the case, that once over the initial difficulties we may face from unfortunate events and accidents, our situation is improved upon?

The gain, from understanding all of this, is how we can build a sense of calm contentment, by simply accepting: no matter how we may wish to be in a position of control, we will never be, if fear is the controlling force.

Your higher-self will always, always look to countermand any fear based sticking points, and it will do this by whatever method it sees fit. When we believe in this, a calm acceptance of the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of life, becomes our natural nature.    

Love is the force acting on your higher-self


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