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I’ve never actually read the bible (although I have heard it spouted by others). Drawing our attention back to this nonsense is, no doubt, something you believe to be of value. Of course I did have the choice, of whether to read this or not, yet you very cleverly trapped me by using the word ‘Enjoy.’ Well done. Excellent in fact.

“I wonder, have you ever noticed how so many poor cooks also dupe us into eating their rotten food. They exclaim the ‘Enjoy!’ Perhaps we should all be allowed to make up our own minds on that one.”

None of us move away from the bible’s backward ignorance as long as we’re reminded (helped to feel guilty) of how billions are still been hoodwinked into its doctrine.

I wait – in the hope that what you write next (about the Qu’ran or Hadith) will help us all move forward away from guilt and backward teachings.

Is it possible to write about religion, and its backward nature, without shaming billions of ignorant people? Shame, will never enlighten, it restricts. Alternatively, to love is to say: “I know you are foolish yet no less than I myself am, and because I love you, we can learn to accept our guilt and foolishness, so we may leave the past behind us and be free.”

Kindest regards,
Andrew Freedman א

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