A Fabulous Time to Be Alive (The Thinking Revolution)


“At times you may not think it, yet if we just take a moment (the time it takes to read a short blog to be exact) we will clearly see, that it really is a fabulous time to be alive, provided, we THINK so”

Thinking. We live in an age of discovery; a time of enthusiasm, with a growing hunger for knowledge, and answers to the big questions in life. In direct opposition to this, we have overly protective governments and the ‘bad news’ hungry media and it’s all too easy to become bogged down by the dependence they create, and negatives they spout, respectively. It would seem, the powers that be, are often looking to upset the important balance between the poles, of negative and positive.

Keeping our minds in the positive, enables us to remain enthusiastic and upbeat about our lives, and the lives of others. This doesn’t mean we become blinkered to all we know is wrong with the world, what it does mean, is we cease the influence of negativity.

“We have no need to get into conspiracy theories to understand how the media only survive through morbid curiosity, and indeed their uncanny ability, to actively foster it. Dwelling on the negative brings us down and keeps us afraid”

In addition to this, an overly protective government, creates a dependency, that quiet literally shortens our lives. We might ask: How is it the peoples of poorer nations – such as the Greeks – live longer lives than us? Finding the answer to this question involves THINKING.

It could be, that for you, confusion, and the ‘bad news’ media, are having a lasting effect, and the powers that be, are getting their way. This lasting effect could be blinding you to all the positive and extraordinary things that are currently happening in the world today. If this is the case, you must stop allowing yourselves, to be sucked in.

“With this said, we must acknowledge, taking direct action and control over our lives, often involves making some difficult decisions”

I recently heard it said, Personal Development is very 20th century and what people want nowadays, is augmentation. It’s easy to believe this assertion, as we humans do have that tendency, to take the easy options. Why do you think the drugs industry (legal or not) are doing so well? We just want the quick fix. Of course we do. We want the painless option, however, those who choose the quick fix of drugs, denial, or the refusal to move beyond ignorance, will fail to survive long term.

In fact, suffering, is the ultimate outcome of those who continue to seek the easy options all their lives. We all have to face the music some day, and so choosing the option of developing ourselves – mentally and physically – over continually seeking the easy fixes, is more likely to ensure the music we face in later life, is sweet, harmonious and melodic.

Remaining in charge, and powerful all our lives; minimising dependence and the indignity this can eventually bring, involves making the decision to get involved with the Thinking Revolution. The Thinking Revolution is only available to a select few though. It’s these select few, who truly understand what a magical time, we really do live in.

The alternative – of augmentation – is looking to remove the thinking part necessary for improving lives. Without thinking; without cognitive development, none of us are going to survive long term. It seems that it’s quite okay for certain sections of society to become non-thinking automatons.

“The elite need us to remain unthinking, because when we fail to think, we become powerless.”

No drug, or any kind of augmentation, will empower you to think yourself better; to think yourself into freedom, all they’ll do, is continue to diminish your power and increase your dependence on the system.

Consider what you truly know about the workings of your own mind. Do you understand how it is you do the things you do? You may believe you have no interest in these matters, and yet, it’s freeing yourself of this very belief, that will enable you to take control over your life and destiny.

Believe it or not, freeing yourself of negative beliefs, is a lot easier than you might expect. You may have been told differently. You may have been told not to dabble in matters of the mind, however, we can tell you: at this moment in time, it’s those who understand how their minds work, that have power over you, right now. The Thinking Revolution will hand this power back.

Ask yourself this question: Do you want augmentation or a better brain? Augmentation won’t get you comfortably through the entirety of your life, but a smarter brain, with improved cognition will.

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