Memories of the Future


It’s funny how certain memories stick with you and become more prominent than others. Like the time a young boy came to see me; he’d developed an eating disorder. Strange as it may seem, he’d only eat minced beef, and his mother was worried about him. I was of course a last resort, with her having tried everything else, before knocking on my door.

He was laying in my reclining chair, with his eyes closed, recounting an upsetting experience during his dinner hour at school some weeks prior. I’d readied myself with a small tissue, so was sufficiently equipped to catch the small tear, that fell from his left eye. As I did, I turned to his mother, who was also seated in the room; the eye contact we shared exchanged all the information she needed; what he needed.

And now the memory of the two girls who turned up for an initial consultation; they’d read somewhere that Hypnotherapy can help you grow larger breasts. Out of the two girls, only one turned up for the future session we’d booked. All in all, she only came back two more times. At the end of the third session she said: “I won’t be coming back again because I’ve realised something.”

‘Okay’ I said

“Yes, I’ve realised I don’t need bigger breasts, because I’m already beautiful.”

And she was.

“The thing is, what so many of us fail to realise, is the fact we are already beautiful, and that this beauty resides deep within us. Underneath all the layers of nonsense we’re surrounded with, and taught by the world, lies the beautiful truth.”

I’m unsure what information was exchanged to help the girl realise her beauty, and as they unfold in my mind now, I’m also unable to find the connection between the two memories. Perhaps what connects them is the feelings I experienced at the time: happiness.

Happy that some people had managed to make sense of their lives and what was missing: Love.

Just a little more love is sometimes all we need.

I am actually laying in bed as I write this (I have an early start) and can hear church bells ringing. I live right next to a church (St Saviour’s) and the campanologists do their practising on a Wednesday night. It’s not an unpleasant sound, yet neither is it what I’d describe as – ‘pleasing to the ears.’ It’s just background noise like so many things are.

There is always a certain background noise. For me, it’s there to remind me of my wonderful experiences of helping people during my time as an Analyst. If you take the time to lie quietly you will eventually also hear this sound. The memories, I’m reminded of, will be there, popping up from time to time, for as long as I live. I feel memories are important, but we mustn’t dwell on the past, good memories or not. What they do help me understand though, is the importance of empowering people, and how this in turn empowers the giver.

Whatever you do in life make sure you recognise the giving nature of the role. When we take a moment to consider it, many, many occupations are of a giving nature, and that’s something beautiful to recognise about human beings.

Give of yourself, you’ll look back, with the power to move forward. א

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