The Art of Fuckology – Get Streetwise

A little while ago we introduced you to The Art of Fuckology. As  a continuation of this series, we’re going to now talk about the issue, of Getting Streetwise.

We’ll start by telling you a little story one of our members shared with us recently. Not so long ago, this particular member, lived through a difficult period of his life – he’d probably tell you this has now lasted for over fifty years, but we prefer not to exaggerate.

It all started when he left his home and place of work in search of a better life (imagine a street urchin with a stick over his shoulder, with tied handkerchief over the end, containing bread and cheese). You might think that ordinarily a street urchin would be a streetwise kind of person, but no, not this one. Oh no, in real terms, he was probably a bit of a knob, as what he was really seeking, was some kind of miracle, that would help him escape a shitty life, in a poxy town, on a crappy world. No such luck.


He recounted stories of loneliness, facing the humiliation of being laughed at by children, whilst walking the streets with a tent and an umbrella, camping in rundown campsites or out in the wilds, trudging up hills on rugged coastlines, until one day, with blessed relief, he happened upon a campsite, where the owner was very friendly.


The owner of the campsite seemed to take him in and even found an old caravan our street urchin could buy. And so, gathering up his meagre possessions, he moved into his new home, soon to discover he’d spent his last few pennies on a piece of shit, full of woodlice and damp. Hey ho, he though, I’ll fix it up and invite my friend to stay. And so it was.


Over time so settled had our street urchin become, that he was now even receiving mail at his new address. Having had the foresight, to secure a small income from a loving government, they would occasionally write to him to check and see that he was okay. Unbeknown to our little street urchin though, was the fact his friendly landlord had decided he was no longer prepared to receive mail for his tenants, and so, without telling anyone, he’d started returning all the mail back to their respective senders.

The loving and providing government were of course confused by this, and so in their wisdom, stopped the little income our street urchin was receiving. It wasn’t long before hunger set in.

Cleaning toilets was the answer, and if you’ve ever seen the toilets on campsites, you’ll understand how the pig-like nature of the human animal, is often revealed in all it’s glorious and beautiful colours of yellows and browns, in toilets or showers. We’re told this doesn’t include the colours of vomit or baby poo.


And so it went on. Eventually, after the mail issue was sorted, and with the earnings from cleaning up shit taken into account, the little handouts from the loving government, were reviewed and restarted.

In time, the dependency on these payments, grew and grew. Finally, after one last review, the payments dried up completely. This made the transition from dependent child, to working, independent person, a particularly difficult one to endure. Due to the flawed, often ineffective and inept political systems in this part of the world, thousands have had this indignity bestowed upon them (believe it or not, it is empowering to be free of handouts, eventually).

By now, so deprived was he, of his dignity and self-esteem, that our little street urchin was to step back out into the real world, only to have his eyes clamped open by the horrors of the human animal. What he’d failed to see, all this time, was how those around him had only been keeping him safe and dependent so they could feed from his soul. It had in fact all become crushingly soul destroying.

“He knew of course, on one level, how through his naivety, he’d invited all this shit upon himself; he was naive to why people were helping him, and he’d also failed to see what a child he was at heart; a child for the adult human animals to exploit. He was ill equipped to deal with this world.”

Now, The Art of Fuckology has enlightened our member, to the degree he now understands the subtle ways in which the human animals control and manipulate each other. From the control of teaching each other to feel guilt, to damaging self esteem, (a myriad of methods) and all there so they themselves can feel less fear and loneliness. The Art of Fuckology states:

“Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

The first key, to gaining the necessary strength to manage in this world, is independence. Gaining this can be tough. Very tough. And yet once managed, you’ll be able to take proper charge of your future life. If you’re a gentle soul, recognise how those currently around you, may well be leaching off your gentle goodness.

The second key, is to learn how to be alone. This will pay dividends, as once you know how to achieve this, the reason why you choose to have sometwo in your life in the future, will be because the relationship is built on love, never fear and dependence. Even when damaged by this cruel, cruel world, you can learn to love again.

More Fuckology advice to follow soon.

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