What if. . .

what if

What if you believed with absolute certainty that what you read on this blog is the truth and nothing but the truth?

What if there were absolutely no ambiguity, fuzziness, vagueness, uncertainty or grey areas whatsoever, about what’s being said here, and all that you read is spoken by THE authorities on the subject matter at hand?

What if all the work time and energy put into this blog were solely based on one thing? What if that one thing were the pleasure the writers receive from empowering and freeing the reader? Could you believe such a thing?

“Ambiguity, fuzziness, uncertainty and grey areas have the effect of leaving us confused. Man, in a confused state, is weak.”

When it comes to belief and certainty, something very powerful occurs, when the two are brought together. Add positivity and usefulness to these beliefs and we have a formula for empowerment.

Using the example of religion, certainty is one of the reasons why religions, of all descriptions, have gained such a powerful foothold in the past. Religions are taught in such a way that no uncertainty or ambiguity is allowed to remain: This is the word of the Lord etc. Whether what religion has to say is true or not, is, to a certain extent, irrelevant. It’s the belief in its authority and authenticity that matters to the believer.

Christianity is a powerful example. What this religion is supposedly based on, is the teachings of a man who claimed to be the son of God. And believe you me, if you grew up with all the people around you convinced you were in fact the son of God, (repeatedly saying so) you’d certainly have a high degree of neurosis to deal with.

Considering how difficult finding a good Therapist would likely prove back then, you’d probably just get on with the job, of fulfilling the beliefs of others. As it should happen, this man, who believe he was the son of God, did have some very powerful things to say. The fact that Christians pay little heed to these teachings, is neither here, nor there, in the 21st century.

“So when positive and useful beliefs, certainty, authenticity and authority come together, we have a powerful formula.”

Religion went wrong when men, who lusted for power, got their grubby little mitts on it. Men have always needed power over other men and religion has proved to be one of his favourite vehicles for achieving this aim. Of course, the conscious rationalisations for why men and women get ‘called’ into religion, is always cited as the desire to help fellow man etc. Sure, there have been some selfless examples of this, however, they’ve been easily overshadowed by the simple need for men to overpower others; children included. Power is an illusion admittedly, but in the eyes of the believer, it’s power all the same.

Now, let’s get to understand the power of confusion a little more. When we take an interest in a subject, there’s often a compelling desire, to learn as much as we possibly can about it. We read books and manuscripts, we go to seminars, lectures and talks, we get so lost in the subject, that we end up having information coming out of our ears. With there being so much of this information, written or spoken, by so many individuals, all claiming to be the authority, the common result is confusion. We don’t know who best to listen to or read. We’re unsure of who or what is the absolute authority on our subject. This sense of confusion and overload weakens our overall understanding of it. In particular the workings of the human mind and The Psychology of Beliefs.

And so…

“The effect of cutting out all the surrounding white noise of confusion, and choosing just one authoritative, definitive guide on your subject, is to take out the confusion.”    

So back to our opening what if questions. What if you absolutely believed in the authority, authenticity, honesty and integrity of the following words…?

“The power to heal yourself, exists within you, and ultimately, it’s only you that can do the fixing.”

Every illness or problem you experience serves some kind of purpose. Once you become aware of the purpose, as driven by the part of your mind (unconscious) that’s been misinformed through limiting beliefs, uncertainty and confusion – then clear up this confusion and remove the limiting beliefs – you will solve the problem or heal the illness effortlessly. In addition, once you believe and fully understand this, you will have no further need to hand over your power to another person ever again.


If we have nothing to gain, but the pleasure of seeing you heal through the empowerment of love, why would we say this if it wasn’t true? Imagine we have no ego. Imagine we have nothing to gain but selfish pleasure. Now imagine, what we’ve just said, is true.   


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