Bulletproof and fearless of our pain


“If you believed the universe had a plan, what would it be? To propagate life? To just exist for the sake of existing? To grow and expand until it can grow no further?”

And what of us? You might think it follows, that if we’re part of a growing, expanding universe, we must grow and expand too. If we take a step back, we can certainly see evidence of this in some quarters, yet also see evidence of its opposite, in others.

The universe has a structure that works under some very strict and fundamental rules. It’s been said, that if there were only slight deviation from these rules of structure, the universe – as we know it – couldn’t have come into existence. Perhaps a different kind of universe would’ve come into being instead.

And so, when we have slight deviation from strict rules, either that, which would have been formed, doesn’t come into existence at all, or comes into existence in a way that is flawed, and as such, unrecognisable by us. Such a flaw, in anything, be it universes or life forms, will no doubt shorten its lifespan. For example, its said that several universes may have come into existence, long before the one we inhabit, yet due to their flawed nature, came and went in the blink of an eye.

Here and gone in the blink of an eye

“Does the universe morn these dead, early attempts? No, the universe expands, grows and thrives, as a result of these early failures.”

For many of us, it’s very hard to move on and let go of our past failures. Our feelings and fears get in the way of seeing things in a more rational light. When we do however, we free ourselves to see early mistakes and flawed creations, as something different. In fact, we can often see our early creations, as being there simply as a way of reminding us, we are never perfect. We are only ever perfectly imperfect, and yet sometimes, we even fall too short of this line, to survive.  

Parents of terminally ill children need the strength and courage to let go. Most of us wonder how they can possibly bear the pain of losing a sick child; a child they’ve created. However short a lifespan though, we can find a way to celebrate it, and learn from what this short life has taught us. In time, when we find these lessons of love – waiting to be understood – we become strong, so strong in fact, we become bulletproof and fearless of our pain. 

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