The Truth is Ignored Because it Hurts

Yep, games. Here’s the truth of the matter: We’re all just playing each other in order to get what we want. We’re playing each other in order to get what we believe makes us happy. Be it control, money, power, comfort, security, stability or perhaps just a hassle free, easy life, you’re playing those around you, and you’re being playing in return. They know it, you know it, and yet we continue the abuse.

Is it a bit strong or melodramatic to call this game abuse? Well, I don’t think so, and the reason I don’t think so, is because all the time we spend looking to get the upper hand over others, we’re actually missing the point. To call it abuse, is to raise our awareness of it’s destructive nature.

The point, of this whole experience of life, is to learn how to love each other, best treat each other, and understand how to respect the world around us. Take a step back and you – like me – will see that we really are missing the point. So wrapped up in ourselves are we, that we’re losing sight of our true objective.

To remain mindful of the importance of gaining greater understanding of love, how to respect the world and each other, is to pass this on to the next generation. Are we doing that? Or are we too busy looking to play each other for the upper hand and gain what we self-centerdly want from life? Of course we are.

The cure, as ever, is awareness. It can’t be my place to stand in judgement of my fellow man, I’m simply not qualified to do that. However, I am a realist, who’s able to see my own negative behaviour objectively, and then own up to it. So what if we stopped the games of the ego and actually loved each other instead?

Once we lose the need for power, and one-upmanship, something strange happens. We realise we actually need none of the tools necessary for the game. For example, the mother who buys the latest massive – ridiculously oversized car – to ferry the kids around, no longer needs it, once she losses the need for power and control. She will also lose the need to justify the ridiculous oversized (planet damaging) nature of her car as: “I need it to keep the kids safe.” Far better to learn how to drive defensively, surely?

The Truth is Ignored Because it Hurts

Learning how to love is mainly about losing fear. Fear of looking inferior potentially drives the need for our excessiveness. Letting go of the need for power over each other enables us to focus on loving each other. There’s no love in playing each other for power, control, or gaining what we believe makes us happy. When we understand, happiness and love, are gained through letting go of the need for control and power, magic happens.

“We’re currently doing all the opposites of what’s required to gain love. This is potentially because we’ve lost sight of what love actually is. Most peculiar.”

To explain – and I’ve had a sense of this before – it’s almost as if we’re living inside the mirror opposite of the world we should be living in. When will we step out and see the true method?

A valuable experiment is to simply imagine the scenario where you have nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing, except the clothes on your back. I believe that if we all either experienced this first hand, or we’re able to imagine it clearly enough, it would change our perception of what life needs to be. The first thing we need, in order to experience the full value of this experiment though, is confidence, or self-power. Some call it self-possessed. You know, the he’s very ‘self-possessed’ type comment. In other words we need courage.

Imagine the courage it would take to simply walk away from a life you know with only the clothes on your back. And not only this, what courage would it take to do this knowing you’re alone. I can tell you something right now: some homeless people are the bravest people you’ll ever meet. Brave, because they’ve had to accept the loneliness of it all.

“When loneliness changes to aloneness people are able to find love. Aloneness actually means something very different to loneliness.”

The constant need for wilfulness and the need to exert our will over others is destroying us. If we were to let this go – by becoming courageous – we’d have room for love. Love is empowerment yet only once we’ve lost the need for power, and then understand how we gain greater knowledge of love and ourselves, through giving it.

We’re not giving love through buying massive cars or playing each other for gain, these things are only symptoms of fear. Loving ourselves, is when we give of our time and attention, so others (most importantly future generations) may gain. Constantly feeding off each other is the behaviour of parasites. A parasitic nature will never be conducive to learning how best to love ourselves, each other, and our home. It starts with you.

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