Step Out of Delusion (and free yourself)

The first thing we must do is define the word delusion:


  1. an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.

Now, delusions are common, very common. It could be said that nearly every human being on the planet is deluding themselves to a greater or lesser degree. The question, we should probably ask ourselves right now though, is this: Are our delusions useful and positive or are they damaging, negative and detrimental to our wellbeing?

Once again we’re reminded of the delusions of suicide bombers and the like. Human beings, following the damaging and negative ideals of those who’ve gone before, are a scourge we’re stuck with for the time being. Dying in a blaze of glory, as it were, is seen by the impressionable, lonely and unloved, as a way of finding some kind of recompense. All they’re really saying is: Look at what you’ve done. Their actions teach guilt, and like it or not, we’re all potential time-bombs.

Delusion Time Bomb

“It could be said, delusion is and will always be a byproduct of consciousness. Until we actually understand consciousness, perhaps delusion and its idiosyncratic (of the individual) nature, will always be present. The goal can only be to minimise the damage through minimising the amount of delusions we all carry.”

Perhaps the answer is to teach our young about the black and white nature of our existence. Perhaps only once we’ve removed the delusions the religious teach us – about souls, god, the afterlife and such – will we gain a better grip on what’s real and what isn’t.

Of course what’s real and what isn’t, will always be a subjective and personal thing, yet it still remains that we must teach our young more about what a useful reality is, and what negative, limiting delusions are. The black and white of this sometimes seems to escape us. Confusion is the real enemy, when we step out of confusion, delusion is minimised.

Beliefs are mentioned in the definition above. Teaching our children about beliefs – understanding how they’re formed and how they continue to influence us throughout our whole lives – would be a fantastic start. It’s easy to eliminate negative, delusional beliefs, when we’re able to underpin them with the value and experience of love from gentle role models.

We can’t deny that part of the human condition is violence. Boxing, rugby and competitive games in general, are testament to our true nature: violent, competitive beings. It’s okay to accept this, because once we do, we’re able to move forward by understanding how to reduce the self-destructive elements from our true nature. Show children the pleasure, it’s possible to gain from giving of themselves (love), compared to that of punching people in the face (fear), and we progress.

After all, the biggest delusion we all suffer from, is self-importance. There’s nothing important or special about human beings whilst we continue to prove to each other that we’re unable to control our basic instincts: Sex and Violence. Control these things (through appropriate outlets) and we’re halfway there.

What would need to happen for potential parents to actually want to be better parents? What would need to happen for couples to actually believe they could improve their relationships and themselves? What needs to happen for us to want something better? When will we all take full responsibility for our children’s future? 

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