Chaos and Love

“It makes you wonder really: why would a terrorist, who sees the outpouring of love after one of his ‘comrades’ atrocities go on to cause further bloodshed?”

Surely, if immediately following an act of terror – and the media chose to only show this outpouring of love – would it not be sensible to have a rethink? If the ultimate outcome is seen to be love, compassion and courage, what is the point of the terrorist? Is it not division and hatred the terrorists want?


Of course what the terrorist relies on is the rage, anger and division that isn’t always so prevalent in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist atrocity. Let’s say the terrorist is an islamic fundamentalist who believes he’s fighting for the rights of muslims. Is he, in actual fact, doing this?

“What we’re led to believe, here in the west, is that terrorism has very little to do with muslims and everything to do with extremism.”

Perhaps those who tell us this are correct. However, if we pause for a moment, we will see islamic state (so called) do in fact have everything to do with the muslim religion and the oppressive nature of religion generally.

Is it not the case that terrorism is more about the control and oppression of muslims, than the terrorising of westerners, and their seeming Godless lack of ideals? Is it not the case that fundamentalist despise the assimilation of their ‘brothers and sisters’ into the more relaxed western lifestyle. We could ask ourselves: Is there currently an overt or covert rejection of religious people by the white middle classes? Look and you’ll see it all to clearly.

The alienation of muslims, and religious people in general, may well be the ultimate unintended outcome of terrorism. And if this is the case – although a very painful process of instigating the death of religion – there is a payoff that is often unseen by the terrorist: love, compassion and togetherness from those affected, that is completely devoid of any religious influence. It’s teaching us the completely unnecessary nature of religion in 2017. No one needs religion to know how to love.

“For us all to do the right and proper thing, we must question the usefulness of any ideology and belief system that oppresses human beings, in any form.”

Archaic, limiting thinking, is maintained when we continue to fervently support and follow beliefs, that were formed in underdeveloped times. The year is 2017, so much of what we believed, in all the years prior to this date, is now obsolete.

Times are a changing and wouldn’t it be lovely to bring more of us on? If you need to believe in a God, believe in the nature of the universe, and call this your God. Hold on to the past and it will drag you down like quicksand. The past is gone, the future is only imagined. Living now, as an individual who believes love is empowerment; filtering your actions, behaviour and thoughts, through the bias of love, is the way forward, now. We are finding love from the chaos.