Inside Information

From time to time we meet certain people and think: WTF? Before swiftly moving on, the vast majority of the time, WTF? is all we think.  We realise that spending too much time trying to work out exactly WTF is going on, in some people’s minds, is, as a general rule, a complete waste of time.

That said, when it comes to using time constructively, it may well be appropriate to use some of it considering the confusing – if not downright bizarre behaviour of others – if it’s likely to help us have an easier time of things.

“And let’s face it, if not for those people who, for often inexplicable reasons, leave us feeling bewildered, confused, frustrated or even angry, life would be far too black and white.”

Odd people add colour to our lives and that’s exactly how we should think of them: colourful. Mad but colourful all the same.

Take for example The Antagonist. These are people who simply have an uncanny ability to piss us off, bring us down, or just leave us wanting to take a knife to their throats. The Germans actually have a word for the phenomena these people live with: Schadenfreude. That’s right, people who enjoy pissing others off, they really do exist! The Schadenfreude is a person who enjoys the discomfort of others.

If we were to sum-up these people, and place one of those nasty little labels on them, we’d call them self-centered. The self-centered person has very little self-awareness. They go through life believing that everything they say and do, must be all about them, and no one else. The comfort and wellbeing of others is simply missing from the self-centered persons radar.

“Others have simply dropped away, like a plane gone missing, and their black-box-voice-recorder is recording you as white noise. Just an indistinguishable sound in the background. We need to avoid self-centered people; they’ll bring us down.”

One advantage, to understanding the self-centered person, is that once we’re able to do this, we can easily eradicate this nasty trait from within ourselves. Never misunderstand me, I’ve never been on the same page as those who think we should put others before ourselves (there’s really no such thing), however, I do believe, unless we learn a valuable lesson in the importance of sharing (and what we share), we’re buggered.

“Our awareness of what we give is always amplified.”

In other words (and to point out the dangers of this), if all we give is antagonism, we then become constantly antagonised ourselves. If our self-centeredness is antagonising to others, we will become increasingly alone, through being rejected of any meaningful connection. In a sense, the self-centered person sends out what they are: a very lonely and unconnected person. Self-centeredness leads to loneliness. We become antagonised by our confusion over this loneliness and our disconnection from others.

Put others back on your radar

“The flip side of this coin, is to ensure that what we send out (share) is always of a positive, loving nature. Amplify that, and we begin to find a greater sense of a contented connection, to others.”

What we must all learn – so we may fight off the self-centered antagonists within and around us – is this contentedness and connection. Through sharing a positive and loving nature, always holding a fascination for others, we remove self-obsession and meaningfully put others back on our radar.

“We all enjoy being around interested people, for they, are the interesting people.”

So there we are: colourful can be nice, if a little confusing from the mouth of the mad, self-centered individual, remember though, we all have something to learn from each other and those things that annoy and frustrate us the most about people, are the true gold: they teach us about those things we deny in ourselves. As for black and white? well, I much prefer my humans to be of either variety, and leave the colourful, to the birds.