The Best Part of Your Life (that no one can tell you about)

“Childhood, plain and simple. Or should I say: Childhood ‘ought’ to be the best part of your life.”

Play Time

Are children being robbed of their childhood? Our young are being so wrapped-up with achieving. The privileged and the underprivileged have the same dilemma.  The privileged obviously have a greater chance of achieving, albeit with the mental issues associated with placing too higher demands on a child. The underprivileged are also wrapped-up with achieving, yet simply due to their status and given opportunities in life, fail, only to sink deeper and further into the abyss of drug taking and antisocial behaviour.

Also we have the issue of parenting. We all know the pressure society places on us as parents, and we all know the difficulties we face, however, if we just let go a little, and stopped trying so hard, we could award our children with an improved, freer childhood.

The pressure, for youngsters to achieve, is so high now, that increasing numbers of our teenagers are living with mental health problems, and their general wellbeing is on the slide. Self harm, drugs (prescription or otherwise) and labels of conditions – that seem to excuse the causes – are so commonly used, that we no longer know whether we’re coming or going. Confusion presides.

My own childhood was plagued by mental illness. From the arguments and unbalanced, manic-depressive behaviour of my parents, to full blown breakdown of a sibling. When asked what I believe the cause of all this was – during a seminar many years later – I simply responded by saying: ‘There was too much fear in my childhood and not enough love.’ Too simple for many to cope with.

There is a phrase:

“Teach a child to achieve and they’ll never be contented, teach a child contentment, and they’ll achieve anything.”

To me, this is such a beautiful truism that I believe if we followed its advice, we’d go a long way to giving our children their childhood back. The key is contented and harmonious relationships, and not just with those around us, within ourselves too. We must have harmony and contentment within our minds, in order for us to reach it, for our children.