Yes, you do need more


“After pondering on yesterday’s post I’ve come to the conclusion, when it comes to ‘more,’ I believe we do actually need it.”

Of course, I’m not talking about the dreaded disease of excessive con-sumerism, no, I’m talking about more of what comes for free.

It’s said, nothing in life is free, and if you believe this, then you’re pretty much buggered. For one, you’d struggle to breathe if the air wasn’t free, (although if Donald Trump and the likes ever came to power, he’d probably try and charge that – oh shit, he is in power!).

The other things that are free, thankfully, include: love, compassion, life itself and all human emotion in general. Life may be free, yet many are unable to live a free life, are they not?

So, what does it mean to live a free life? When we consider our early ancestors, who roamed the land as hunter-gatherers, we can clearly see their freedom. It could be said though, that they weren’t in fact truly free. What about the barbarism of early humans? Or indeed all that comes with an underdeveloped sense of what it is to love and how to show compassion for our fellow humans.

“It’s more than easy for us to read – and as the media are so often keen to remind/guilt us of  – the barbaric behaviour of our marauding ancestors. That in itself though, was/is only part of the process of our maturation, was/is it not?”

And have we matured? Perhaps a little. There are so many of us now that hunter-gathering is out of the question, and who’d want to anyway? Spend all day searching for food? The fact that we spend most of the day earning the money we need to feed, clothe and house ourselves is beside the point … oh, um, well, yes. Bollocks.

Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked. More is definitely something we need. Not more of everything though. When we focus our attention on more love, for example, the only true way to gain this – for free – is to give it. That’s right. Such a simple concept.

It’s how it works on social media isn’t it? You know, make a beautiful slide or video that makes people laugh or cry and you’ll get loads of attention: likes, followers, comments etc. This is the way to free love isn’t it? Or is it just a way to feed the ego? Umm.

“What about giving away information that would improve people’s lives? Would that get you love for free? Probably not, because very few people actually value, free advice. Pay big money for it, and we’re more likely to act on it, seeing it as having true value, crazy hey?”

Crazy, because often the advice we pay for, is worthless. Worthless because those giving it often don’t believe that love is for free. Worthless because it’s so often laced with misinformation. They have something to gain through exploiting a need. Is this just not the way of the world though; the rules of the game?

What about the government? They love us right? They love us enough to force – or coerce – the food industry into putting less sugar in our children’s food. That’s love isn’t it? Well, no, not really. Love is empowering parents by teaching them about boundaries, cause and effect, and about how important it is to take proper responsibility for what children eat.

It is not the responsibility for government to control our diet. It is government’s responsibility to empower its people through education. And so, with this in mind, how is it they’re creating the illusion of love through control? Are they doing this only to be a reflection of the confusion there currently is about love. The confusion that people believe love to be control? We are told after all, and through many means, that love is control.

Love isn’t control of other adults. To properly love adults you empower them with information. Transversely, to empower children we can never allow them to make their own rules, you set the rules (based on love, integrity and compassion) for their benefit, because you supposedly know better, through being educated. Educated by a loving government. Boundaries for children differ greatly to control over adults.

“Boundaries (this is the amount of sugar you can eat my child) are there to teach the child control of the self; self discipline. Being controlled once grown from forces outside of ourselves is inappropriate and limiting. It stunts our development. Governments, who dictate how their people should live, stunt their growth.”

So, back to more love. More love is generated from within. From within is free. When you give what you already have you multiply its power. You make yourself more aware of its influence simply by giving it away in a form that truly benefits your fellow man. You make yourself more aware of what you are.

You can’t force this on people, you can only place it out in the open, in the same way you place seeds for the birds. Patience and time is all you need. Patience and time.

Live long my friends.

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