A Puppet to Your Beliefs

Take control of what lies beneath the surface

If every individual took responsibility for themselves, and acted within guidelines based on love and integrity, what kind of world would we live in?

If every parent and teacher understood the power and influence of their beliefs, how would this affect our children?

If you’re unhappy with your life, the expectations of others, or indeed the way of life dictated to you, how would it be if this conflict were to be cured?

Be objective and take a moment to consider the world we live in. Do the troubles of the world outway the comfort, love and happiness we all generally feel? It’s said that even though our quality of life is better than it’s ever been, we’re still not any happier today, than we were a hundred years ago. Staggering when you think of that.

“What can we put this down to? Potentially this has a lot to do with how the realities of life often don’t match our beliefs and expectations. Again, at it’s base, we can consider this a conflict. Conflict between belief, reality and the ideal.”

Consider how, just today, the living wage has risen here in the UK. Does this wage rise mean that all of a sudden two million people are now going to have better lives? On the surface we would say yes, however, once those two million people have grown accustomed to the extra cash, over time they will begin to seek more, leading to unhappiness, once again. The human condition no less. Are we not all just April fools?

What if we had expectations of life that matched, or were slightly lower, than the reality? In other words what if we were already comfortable and contented earning seven pounds twenty per hour? What if the extra thirty pence became a surplus? Would this make us happy; to have more than we need? Most of the world’s population believe they need more than they have. Is this not the root to unhappiness?

Is it not the belief we need more – or at the very least be equal to others – that breeds discontent and unhappiness? What is equality anyway? How would it be if we believe happiness is purpose? And what if we believe that this purpose were to live a simple life, giving of oneself, finding contentment in needing nothing other than the clothes on our backs, roofs over our heads, and food in our bellies? What if we all understood the reasons for why this seems so hard to achieve?

What if we helped children find contentment rather than teaching them to constantly seek achievement? What if we taught children that being great is to live a simple life, living within your means, never taking more than you give to the world? Does this sound like a dream? Does it sound like idealistic claptrap?

It will sound this way if we’re caught up in the world’s beliefs and caught up in the games of our wilful egos’. When we master the driving of our id – our instinctive selves – only then will we find true happiness. Those who have this must live as example to all others.

“The only problem being, these people seem to be in the tiny minority, with the smallest of voices. The thing to remember though, is if you’re seeking to be truly happy, listening to the whispers of the hushed minority, is the game you must now play.”

It is possible, even when living amongst the deafness of this world, to hear, loudest of all, whispers of the wise. Work that one out, if you will.

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