From The Ridiculous to The Sublime

Sublime Beauty

The Sublime

“To be out of confusion, in a place of certainty, is to have a sense of the sublime.”

“To be associated with feelings of calm, wholeness, clear-headedness and direction of purpose, is also to have a sense of the sublime.”

Would you say that most of us, if we’re lucky, only ever get this sense for fleeting moments during parts of our lives? To feel in touch with the sublime every moment of every day would probably suggest we’re constantly high on drugs. In fact when we think of it now, we can easily understand one of the reasons for drug addiction. To take a drug, that puts us in the sublime, without any of the work necessary to reach this place, is no doubt very alluring.

Sublime Without the Drugs

Form that last paragraph you may have gathered my belief. I believe, feeling in touch with the sublime, is something we can all achieve. And no, I’m not a drug pusher, at least not the kind of drugs sold on street corners, that is.

“I push another drug, the drug created through sublimation

To sublimate is to rise above our instinctive drivings. When we do this we have the necessary energy to reach for the sublime. Our direction and purpose becomes something very different indeed.

If you’re in such a place, that the services of a Therapist are being sought, then first consider the importance of sublimation. Imagine, for a moment, freeing yourself of the type of instinctive drivings that have potentially created your problems to begin with. In other words, put aside the cure for your loneliness (relationships), put aside your need for a drink (guilt, frustration, boredom, loneliness), put aside your unthinking drivings: the things you do before you even think about it. Start to think about how what you do only adds to your sense of unease. And then make that call.

You may think some of your current behaviour is the cure; that it makes you feel better, however, when reality strikes, you do know these things are only temporary and fleeting, do you not? The more time we spend free from instinctive drivings, that use up our precious, creative energy, the more able we are to use this energy constructively.

Wholeness, The Sublime, Sublimation

Consider all the time used up by the majority simply following habits and patterns of behaviour, that are driven instinctively, and not just instinctively, perhaps only by habit: behaviour that has become unconscious and unthinking. The more we place our minds in the present the more we’re able to control our actions.

To become more aware, more conscious; this is to be more in control of your game; closer to the sublime

Be mindful of your thoughts, your actions, your drivings. What causes you to do the things you do? Are they beneficial? What kind of life do you want? We all have the potential to get the very things we want. Sublimation is the process of freeing up energy we now need to think creatively, proactively and constructively. Simply stop what you’re currently doing and think. Be now, be present; raise your consciousness; raise your game. That’s the way.