One Weekend – Two, A Better Life

Tools to Help Navigate the Choppy Waters of Life

When the only outcome – to an improved understanding of yourself, life and love – is a better life, what exactly do you have to lose from attending educational workshops? How is it so many of us shy away from greater understandings of the kind of things we’d learn, when we know deep inside, we will only benefit?

Potentially, this comes down to how painful our lives have become, (and therefore forced into change) or it may well depend on how much we value ourselves, and our relationships. If we have little value for ourselves and others we’ll see little point in seeking change. Perhaps we’re settling for okay or average, and feel that because we’re coping, there’s no need for change. We may lack the expectation (belief) that making some small, yet significant changes to our thinking – in terms of love, ourselves and life in general – is likely to welcome in some very different and positive experiences of life.

The decisions we make in life are very much based on what we believe. We also make decisions based on whether the outcome is likely to be a pleasurable experience or a painful one. If we believe change is likely to involve emotional pain, or high degrees of hassle, we’ll undoubtedly avoid it, however, believing change is a positive and necessary part of life, means we’ll welcome in those different experiences already mentioned.

Education can be fun. Some level of emotional involvement is important, if, as students, we’re to learn and absorb the lessons given. The greater the emotional input the greater the impact. If we lack belief or feel half-hearted about education, or change for that matter, it’s unlikely we’ll be the sort of person inclined towards a positive, and joyful outlook on life. Even the lack of belief and our inclination towards life in general can be changed though, all we need, is the motivation to want this.

As much as I want to teach you and want joy and change for you, simply booking a place on one of my workshops, and then turning up, will be insufficient. I will need you to become emotionally involved in what you’re learning, and actively involved in adopting and building on the beliefs: life can improve, and change is beneficial, no matter the amount of imagined hassle or pain.

Thinking about how we think, and being mindful of how we fulfil our own difficulties, is part of the change process. The ability to recall and then act on the lessons learned, from any educational experience, will be dependent on how well these lessons have been rooted in our minds. Many of the lessons, beliefs and understanding, that create the problems we encounter during our lives, are deeply rooted, simply because of their emotional content. My intention is to countermand these emotionally rooted limitations.

With these things in mind, it’s a certain fact, that both teacher and students alike, have responsibilities to themselves and each other. If your intention is to carry this responsibility well, and to the best of your ability, I promise to do the same.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Andrew Freedman

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