Greater Purpose? Understand your mind.

If we all put our minds to it, having the same purpose as this man, would be easy. What he did, was to engage with life, caring about what needed to change.

It’s a depressing thought really isn’t it? The thought that there really isn’t any greater purpose to all this. That all there is for us to do, is grow, consume, sleep, work, retire, have fun, procreate and finally die. Hold on though, what exactly, is so bad about that?

Some say work is the most important aspect, especially if you understand the ‘work-is-love-made-visible’ thing. Not that many of us actually enjoy our work though, let alone love it to the point it’s making this love, visible. The key of course, is to do something you love, and then find a way to make money at it. Blah, blah, blah, be cautious of trickery my friends, the real key, is to learn to love what you’re doing right now. If you can’t do that, the rest will follow.

Others will say the point is family, children, love, wives, husbands, loving homes and all that. For happiness, simply enjoying good food and a healthy lifestyle is sufficient for many. These people can go through their whole lives, engaging in these simple things, proving it to be enough.

“Here, no doubt, is the main point: engaging with life. It’s surprising how many don’t.”

Depression is said to be on the increase as a world-wide phenomena. What can we put this down to? Lack of direction? Lack of purpose? Poverty? Inequality? Confusion? Perhaps many of us have forgotten what the point actually is. If we’re truly engaged with life and all it encompasses – the pain and the pleasure – how can we be depressed? Is it not the case, when we really take all the bullshit out of this illness, it can boil down to a lack of interest and inability to see the importance of change.

And so, in contrast to being stuck and depressed, what if we adopted a habit of doing things at random – losing the fear of the consequences – would depression have room to thrive? If we’re depressed, and doing things at random, that potentially jeopardise our safety, the outcome may be discomfort, unhappiness and even death. So what? Anything is better than depression. Compared to depression, discomfort and unhappiness are often short lived, and may well be the cure.

From my own experience I can remember a time when I was so confused and depressed, that I could barely get out of bed in the mornings. The remedy to my confusion, and subsequent depression, was to run away. That’s right, and that’s exactly what I did, and the day I put a rucksack on, with all my worldly possessions inside, was the very day my depression lifted. The confusion, that had been keeping me stuck, changed to purpose.

Confusion of depression changed to purpose

“My intention, at the time, was to walk along the coast of England, and if nothing came about, to improve my situation, I’d decided throwing myself of a cliff would end the misery.”

That last part obviously hasn’t happened, just yet, because change was the component that improved my life. In many respects my situation actually worsened, however, it was the will to live, and my unending belief and optimism that something always happens, that kept me going. And if I ever reach that (inevitable) stage again? Well, I know depression and random change are not bed buddies, so will no doubt just do a f**king runner again, so what? It’s more of a life than most.

All this shit we burden ourselves with; the chains we shackle ourselves with; it’s total insanity, and we’re all able to see this, provided we learn how to step back, from the place we’re currently in. We must remove fear to do this.

When it came to moving on, for me, it was most certainly a desperate act. The alternative is to plan. Don’t just throw a rucksack on, plan ahead. Get a job with a national company and relocate with them. Save up and have a plan to start a small business somewhere other than where you currently are. If it fails, so what? What exactly do you have to lose except the shackles of a programmed life. A life set out for you by others. Perhaps disappointment, at not reaching the goals set out by others, is the cause of your depression.

When you really understand your mind, how you think and why you do the things you do, boy! You’ll understand how you’re simply following a plan set out for you by others. You think it’s your plan? Wrong. It is not. And if depression is the problem, remove the fear, and move on. Depressed is to be part dead, a fate worse than death itself. You have nothing to lose, and believe me, once you’ve moved on, the weight lifted from your shoulders, will be liberating.

The stuff you own, and the things you worry about leaving behind, are the things that are perpetuating your depression. They don’t matter, what matters is you, and your health.

The point? Life. That’s the point.