Toxic Waste (save yourself)

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Okay, so here we are, this is my forty second blog post (on this particular run) and as we all know, the number forty two is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, so I suppose this had better be a good one. A good eclectic mix of thought provoking, intellectual wonderment, to tickle your fancy, give you a great big hard-on, or even a sticky gusset.

Now, from my opening gambit, you may have already gathered it’s all about the removal of certain things: inhibitions, control, fear and most importantly toxic waste.

When it comes to inhibitions, the media would have us all believe, that this is something the young have already successfully removed. From casual sex, to drunken, drug fuelled weekends of debauchery and violence. Think of Clockwork orange: a bit of the old ‘in-out’ followed by some ‘ultra-violence’ coupled with a glass of milk, laced with hallucinogenic drugs and we’ve cracked it for a great weekend.

In fact, what better way, to remove all the fear and horrors we seem to be living through at the moment. Although ‘at the moment’ could really be generalised into ‘at the moment of human habitation on planet earth.’

The media would really have us believe we’re a bunch of de-evolving – soon to be monkeys – running out of bananas because we’ve chopped all the trees down wouldn’t they? Is it not monkeys that jump from tree to tree having casual sex with each other, occasionally exhibiting violent behaviour? Well yes it is, and so what? It’s certainly looks like great fun!

“We can never control a human with the fear he may have known all his life, because the impulse we feed, becomes the predominant force.”

If we feel angry, violent and/or horny, only to feed this with angry, violent and/or sexual images, do we then feel less of these emotions, or do we create addiction, and as such, the need for more? Toxic waste.

As it happens, (no apologies for sounding a little like jimmy so-vile there) much of the problems we’re currently experiencing, are the product of the constraints we place on ourselves and the resulting emotional repression. From a dysfunctional mother-son relationship (so-vile) to a gun toting maniac (terrorists), for us humans to control our natural drives and instincts (sex and violence etc.) we must push down and repress so much energy – mental or otherwise – that it’s similar to keeping an over-pressurised bottle corked. In time, it’s gonna pop. And pop is something the repressed human does time and time again. Just don’t give the bastard a gun, I say.

“When we control the human mind with fear, repression, is the result.”


The solution to curing us humans, of the need for ultra-violence, drugs and casual sex, will never be control through fear. So here’s something for us all to ponder on: there is no need for control when we love. In other words, when we’re raised, to have self-respect and love of our self, control isn’t the name of the game at all, love is.

“When it comes to love there is no cork – or screw cap for that matter – because there is no pressure to contain within the child who is understood with compassion and love.”

It may seem like an oversimplification to state that love is the antidote, however, wanting to f**k, shoot and/or control every other human being we meet, is not our natural instinct. There are those who would like you to believe this to be the case, and as such, be warned: it’s those of us who teach this fear, and who are constantly looking to dehumanise us, that are toxic to our future existence. Much of the media, and it’s current fashion of churnalism, are toxic to our future.

42 The Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything
Image Credit: Pixabay

And so there we have it, #42. A beautiful number when we give it a value, so let’s do that now: the value of number forty two is love, or written another way: the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, is love.

Over simplification or not, when we’re raised with love, proper boundaries, care and compassion, control over natural instincts becomes irrelevant, because our natural instinct, is love. Believe this, feed this, and remove the toxic waste from your life. It’s time to evolve, whether those who would prefer we stayed stuck, like it, or not.