Fishing for the Moon

Equality: Fishing for the moon?

For some, there’s a simple solution to inequality. It goes like this: If you’re poor, suffering and underprivileged, held at the merciless hands of inequality, simply change your thinking.

When it comes to thinking, you could say Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) came up with a fabulous solution to inequality, poverty, and the suffering this brings. Buddhism states: Suffering is the process of grasping for pleasure and comfort, and because this is only ever fleeting, we suffer due to the constant need to grasp for it over and over again.

The only issue I have with this, even if it were possible for us all to adopt the same belief system, is that it’s impossible for all of us to live in monasteries – gathering alms on a daily basis – even if we wanted to. The main reason, we might not want to live as Buddhists, is its similarity to being half-dead. Just an opinion you understand.

“The beliefs of Buddhism do hold part of the solution to inequality, the other parts depend on our ability to adapt, and change our current thinking.”

So the solution cannot depend entirely on a belief system that controlling men have developed into a religion, it depends on a meld of beliefs and understandings; a formula if you will.

The first understanding comes from nature itself. Does nature (the universe) promote equality or is inequality within the natural scheme of things? One thing’s for certain, when we acknowledge that inequality is simply the necessary counterpart to equality (we can’t have one without the other) we empower ourselves to change. In other words, acceptance, can lead to removing the limitations of entitlement, martyrdom and charity.

Charity, is a subtle method, for the further disempowerment of the underprivileged: we remain in control and powerful at our, and their, expense. We pay for our power over them, they pay for our power over them.

That said, if you’re feeling charitable, why not contribute to a school that teaches leadership skills in underdeveloped countries. Why not indeed, however, you may need to look long and hard to find that particular school.

Entitlement and martyrdom are simply a product of the underdeveloped mind. Show people the limitations of these things and you empower them to change – unfortunately we’re now back to that non-existent school.

We choose how we feel about our lot in life. We also choose whether or not we escape poverty and inequality through seeking the necessary tools and information. If those tools and information aren’t readily available, you’ll need to look harder. Sound tough? You bet, it’s a violent universe my friends, violent indeed.

Part of the solution? Global access to accurate information.