When did it become okay for teachers, doctors, nurses, police, social workers etc. to become the parents of our children? When was the responsibility of parenting handed over? It is most definitely inappropriate for this to be happening.

Why are we having children when all we want to do is go to work, live our lives, and have fun? Are we ever going to understand, handing over the responsibilities of parenting to the authorities, is a recipe for disaster?

“When parents fail at their responsibilities to care and protect our children, society begins to break down, and this happens from the very foundations up.”

Whether we like it or not, throughout our lives  – or at the bare minimum childhood – we humans, need structure and guidance. Without this we become lost and directionless. Is chaos beginning to find its way into a misguided and unstructured society? Because when we’re chaotic, unstructured and unevolved, fear becomes the prevalent force.

The methods we then use, to combat fear and disorder, are the things we have at our instant disposal: money, consumerism, drugs etc. We are then, of course, only exacerbating the problem. Anything easily to hand, that eases our fear, will be utilised. This may include sex, and as all adults should know – yet are failing to inform the children – when we have unprotected sex, we may, either catch and transmit a virus, and/or get pregnant, and so the cycle goes on. Children raising children.

The danger, of then handing on the responsibility of raising and educating children to government, is that we become a little like farmyard animals. Fodder for the elite to feed off.

It’s never been the job of government to parent us, its job, is to govern. The welfare state has become a little confused – or have they? This potential confusion does need addressing. It doesn’t start with classes on parenting, or even classes on relationships. It starts with understand one simple principle:

“If we, as individuals, continue to fail, in taking responsibility for ourselves and children, someone else will do this for us. That someone then has control over us.”

Believe it or not, this is already happening, and yet there seems to be only a small number of people, who are able to read/hear/see the signs.

Are you one of those people, or are you contented, fodder?

And here we all are, believing, we’re free. Fools, all of us. We must take back our freedom by taking responsibility for ourselves and our children, or are you a contented, drunken, slave?