The Spread of Myopia

Future woman with cyber technology eye panel concept

“If we’re never encouraged to look further than the end of our noses we’ll never learn the quality of planning for a better future”

“Look at that over there!”


“Over there, way off into the distance, you can see it.”

If we observe newborn babies, all they seem to look at, is what’s right in front of them. Their eyes only focusing on what’s immediately apparent. Food, comfort, their own fingers, toes or mothers breast perhaps. Looking way off into the distance is not something a newborn needs to do, unless encouraged, that is.

A recent study suggests myopia (short-sightedness) is on the increase. Perhaps only looking at phones or computers, never looking into the distance whilst playing outdoors, is the root to this.

“We may well evolve into a species that loses the ability to see into the distance, our eyes becoming lazy, the lenses fixed only on the light of what’s right in front of us. A sad loss no doubt.”

Encouraged to occasionally look at the future, as well as mostly remaining in the present, enables us to plan ahead. To draw a map with markers staked at points we’re able to easily reach out for. Remaining fixed in the here and now, means we’re solely relying, on maps drawn out for us by those who also potentially lacked foresight. We’re relying on what we’ve been told in the past. The downside being, a limitation on what we believe is possible.

“When we lack foresight we lack the imagination to conceive a better future where many things are possible.”

We must break free from expected norms, and poor standards set by the past (and those within it), and then gain the ability to imagine a better future. This is to be progressive in our thinking.

“All of this is important to consider; if we want to influence others to change in positive ways that is.”

To influence others we briefly look at the past – so we may understand it’s influence on the present. We must then look to an imagined, improved future, to change the negative influences of past mistakes. Without foresight we are lost. Without the courage to see into the distance, we limit and restrict ourselves to the old and outdated beliefs, of the dead. The past is dead and so are those who belonged in it.


There are those concepts and ideas that – once their time finally comes – are considered to have been ‘ahead of their time.’ Be ahead of time, cease the spread of myopia, and be part of a better future with the courage to see into the distance now.