Neglect and Emotional Abuse – The Silent Killers


“We’re hearing a lot about physical and sexual abuse, less heard and less understood, are the silent killers of neglect and emotional abuse.”

When it comes to sexual abuse the damage is often untold. We may find a continuance of unhealthy sexual persuasion. Perhaps we’re promiscuous only to be left with feelings of guilt. Do you find yourself drawn to overpowering and abusing the young as you were?

Social anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence issues, can be related to the powerlessness and confusion we often felt when young. There’s no doubt, the damage of being used, confused and overpowered as a vulnerable child, follows us into adulthood.

It’s often the case, that we’re easily able to work through, and understand the consequences of sexual abuse. We’re able to right the wrongs with compassion, love and understanding, so we may heal our damaged inner child.

“For the victims of neglect and emotional abuse, it’s as if they attract a kind of darkness into their lives – all their lives – only adding to their pain and confusion.”

It’s as if all the bullies, users, abusers, spiteful and hateful people in the world, are drawn especially to them, in order to make their whole lives a painful and miserable experience. The consequences of neglect and emotional abuse, are so far reaching, that they lay waste to so many aspects of our lives. We can become despairing and directionless, falling from one disaster to another, time after time.

A hopeless situation you may think, however, all is not lost. There is much lack within society, and yet this lack, can be countermanded by a waiting abundance, simply through the action of seeking it. I’m not talking about abundance of charity here. I’m not talking about the abundance of a kind hand to a down-and-out on the street here. No, I’m talking about an abundance of information.


“Provided we have the proper resources, information and understandings, shared in a compassionate and loving manner, the human mind has the ability to heal itself.”

The emotionally abused may not want to face their demons. In fact, the resistance to facing a past – filled with neglect and abuse – can be so great, that many therapist fail to help their clients move forward. They may fail, to help those in need, even glimpse beyond the confines of the negative neurological loop, abuse creates.

The cleverly equipped therapist is easily able to assist their client move through the resistance of the ego. So fast and simple, is the modern technique of GOLD Counselling, that the ego simply doesn’t see it coming. Think sleight of hand. Think about the sugar cube given to a child to disguise the sour taste of a polio vaccine dose. Think about pinching the right hand whilst we suture a wound on the left. We may only get two or three shots, at helping our overly resistant client – fearful of their pain – before a stubborn ego kicks in, yet often this is all it takes, to extend and ease a troubled life.