No Competition


“We all know the basics don’t we? We know the nature of the planet we live on. We may even feel that the nature of life, and methods employed for survival, to be cruel and unkind.”

Perhaps the dog-eat-dog stuff, that goes on so much with everything feeding off each other; competing with each other for space or mating rights, is cruel, yet we mustn’t see this as something we’re separate from. We live here, and because of that, we must abide by the rules. Something that often goes overlooked though, is how we must come to understand, the multi-layered nature of these rules. Often the rules of nature are misunderstood or misinterpreted by those who teach us.

If we’re to get on in life – in terms of finding fulfillment, success, comfort and happiness – then we must, and I mean MUST! – understand the rules and look deeper. It’s here where most of us fail. We fail to find fulfillment and success, because we’re failing to properly understand the rules.

“Here’s something that might surprise you: within the rules, at a deeper level than is immediately obvious, there exists a clause. This clause states: we can succeed without being aggressively competitive.”

That’s right, stop looking to compete. For example, currently, within the hive mind of social media, there now exists the fashion of making all-singing, all-dancing, razzmatazz videos. They’re highly produced, no doubt expensive to make, and created by egotistical people fighting to be at the top of their game. From producers and directors, to actors and graphic designers, all creating beautiful videos that are entertaining, and sometimes informative.

If you want to get a message across, yet have neither the skill, resources or inclination to make such high quality videos, don’t even try. Don’t do it, because all you’re going to do, is use up valuable time and money to end up feeling frustrated. If, however, you desperately want to be able to make quality videos – because you feel this is the only way to get a message across – be sure you’re able to match all the available resources of your competitors, and this will include, a fighting, competitive nature.

“Alternatively, finding something – potentially hidden from view – within the rules of survival, is key.”

This key rule can guarantee a less painful, time consuming and expensive method of finding success. This hidden rule includes the importance of originality. In other words: Do something different and get good at it. In this way, competing, as is prescribed by most, becomes redundant.

“When we compare ourselves to nature, looking at a deeper level, we will see the rules, are not survival of the fittest, but survival of the smartest and most adaptable.”

Those of us who are able to think ourselves out of trouble, or think of an original way of succeeding at the game, are the ones who have the easiest time of it; the ones who are able to clearly see the easiest path. In this way, we’re not part of the dog-eat-dog self-preservation world, instead, we’re part of a special group of people, who have looked to raise their game and step above the crowd. Not better, just different.

“Whilst in this raised, different position, these people also understand the importance of empowering and lifting their fellow man to the same heights as themselves.”

This is achieved, not through being cruel, unkind and aggressively competitive, but by teaching how we must gain the insight, that enables us to be accepting and understanding of how the rules differ, on many different levels. All we need do is look deeper and then help others do the same, reminding ourselves, we only ever have what we give or teach.

“The action of giving or teaching reinforces that which exists within us. Teach aggressive competitiveness, and we will be this way, alternatively teach original, creative thinking, and we reinforce this originality within ourselves.”

You may have heard the phrase “the meek shall inherit the earth.” In its truest, clearest sense, what this means is: it’s not the aggressive, competitive creatures of the world, that’ll become its masters, it’s those who have raised themselves above what the eyes believe they see. In other words, what you believe the world is, at the superficial level i.e a cruel and unkind place full of competitive fighters, is what you’ll personally experience. In this way, you, also become cruel, aggressive, unkind and worst of all, superficial.

“By the same measure, believing the world is a place where adaptability and cleverness is the best and easiest means to progress, will ultimately mean you become clever and adaptable. You will be meekly gaining a rich inheritance.”


Remember, if you want to compete on a superficial level, then you’ll need to be a fighter, who is prepared to receive the odd bloody nose. However, If you want to win, through cleverness and adaptability, pay close attention to those who often go unnoticed. Pay attention to the meek, for they, shall inherit the earth.