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“Here’s what you need: Money, and not just a little bit, you need lots and lots of it.”

Okay, now we’ve established that, we’re ready to play. The game we’re going to play is called: LIFE WITH THE HUMAN ANIMAL

For what ever reason, the way things are set up here on planet earth, dictates, that in order to experience the most from life, and get the easiest, happiest experience of it, you need money. The more you have, the happier and easier all will be. Consider just two examples – although there are many – Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg. Are these two people happy? You bet they are.

The counter argument to ‘rich-makes-happy’ has been posed many times over the years, and it goes something like this: you don’t need money to be happy all you need is love. Fair enough, however, if there is no love or you simply don’t understand what this is, then money is certainly a solution.

Now, how we go about getting money – under the rules of how we play this game – don’t really matter. You can borrow it, steal it, exploit others for it, sell your body for it – or indeed that of others. You can even live off imaginary money that only exists in computers or on ledgers as numbers. The rules are very lax, and provided you understand the rules, all is well.

For example, if you decide to steal to get rich, then you must be prepared for the possibility of being caught and punished. Stealing (unless disguised as something else) is considered a crime here on planet earth. You must be clever when it comes to stealing. Most thieves, here on earth, are clever enough to disguise the theft of your money as a service or product. Often the thieves will be exploiting you through your weaknesses (desires of the ego and fear).

It really doesn’t matter what service or product you decide to offer the public, as most, if not all services and products, involve some kind of exploitation, it’s just in the nature of things here. To help you understand this, consider the opposite of what weakness and fear is: Strength and Love

“True strength is displayed by those who have control over their ego and the necessary understandings of love. When you have this magical combination, you’ll be happy, and life will be less of a struggle. This is compared to others who live with the disability of ignorance.”

That last paragraph is certainly worth pondering on. Fully understand it, and your sentence will be life.

It could be said: wealth is attained by those with a good business sense (amongst other things, an ability to separate human sensibilities from business affairs). When you know that business is simply that: business, and nothing else, you’ll have a good hand when it comes to money and the game. It could just as easily be said, if you’re unable to compartmentalise in this way, getting into business to earn lots of dosh is probably not the way for you.

In other words, if you’re a truly empathetic person who has a constant sense of how things ‘feel’ to others, and have a powerful need to display integrity and reason, one of the best ways for you to find money, will probably be in the arts or caring professions. A challenging way to make a living, but very rewarding. The complete opposite of empathic, is psychopathic, and if so, business will certainly be your game. There’s currently plenty of very rich psychopaths in the world.

“That’s not to say all wealthy people are psychopaths, it could just as easily be, they also have a fine understanding of love, fear and the weaknesses of ego, indeed, it’s this very understanding, coupled with clever business sense, that’s the difference that’s made the difference for them.”

With all this said, there is another game we can play. Yes that’s right, it’s called: LIFE WITH THE HUMAN as opposed to LIFE WITH THE HUMAN ANIMAL. In this particular game you’ll be playing with a minority of people. These people are very, very clever, for they understand some very specific rules. One of the rules of this game is the rule of Exclusion.

The rule of exclusion involves learning the ability to be extremely selective. This is to say, to play this game well, you’ll need to have learned how to exclude your own human weaknesses, you’ll have learned all about integrity, and you’ll have a very specific understanding of what it means to love your fellow man.

play the game

When you’re able to exclude those from your life – who don’t play by the same set of rules – money and riches, believe it or not, become less relevant. We all need to learn this irrelevance, because very few of us get really rich, and even though there are rich people in the world, not many of them share their wealth in a constructive and useful manner.

“There are many billions of people currently living in poverty here on earth. If wealth, information and intelligence were better shared, we could change this very quickly.”

And so, the more we change the disability of ignorance, into the ability of love, and the more we’re able to exclude the self-centered takers who exploit us, the more we’re likely to enjoy the new community of people created. A community that are more likely to share their wealth, love and understandings, and in turn exclude crippling poverty for billions.

Ultimately, whichever game you choose: LIFE WITH THE HUMAN ANIMAL or LIFE WITH THE HUMAN enjoy the process, yet know: often the games we play promote a grasping and suffering we remain ignorant to, or they promote a giving and sharing we can experience pleasure from. Both worth thinking about.

Something also worth thinking about is, the rules of both the games described, do come down to what we believe, and what we believe, is and will always be, the biggest determiner in what kind of life we and others live.

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