get what you give

Get What you Give

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“How exactly do we fulfil what we believe? What exactly is the mechanism of belief? What is the crank that turns the wheels of self-fulfilling prophecy? How do we create our own pain and suffering?”

Looking at the media, and what it’s choosing to report of late, it’s fairly clear to see: what we must understand of us human beings, is that we’re all a pretty, rotten, bunch really. Abuse, mayhem, wars, anger, murder, terrorism, rage etc. are all the media are interested in reporting. It makes headlines, sells papers, and improves ratings.

Let’s face it, we all need to know just how miserable everybody else’s lives are, compared to our own. As long as everyone else is having a hard time – perhaps slightly more of a struggle than us – then we feel slightly better about our lot. This is why the horror all around us, reported and talked about on a daily basis, holds such fascination.

“Think about this: If all that was ever reported was good news, highlighting the wonders and delights of the world about us, how would we feel?”

In time, would it have the effect of depressing us, as we become increasingly aware of the misery of our own lives? If all we see are the extreme examples of suffering and misery, the media are so keen to report, the effect is to generate internal thoughts of this nature: ‘thank goodness I’m not suffering in that way, I’m so grateful for all that I have.’ GUILT.

The media, through what they choose to report, are saying: “just settle down now and be grateful for what you have”, even if this is the illusion of happiness created through being grateful we’re not suffering as much as everybody else. GUILT!”

Let me tell you something: the vast majority of people in this country/world are experiencing high levels of suffering and pain that a minority have managed to escape. They’ve escaped this suffering through becoming self-aware. In other words, every day they ask themselves some very important questions: how do I create my own pain and suffering? In what way are others teaching me GUILT?

Consider this: what do you imagine would be the best, most efficient way, of bringing out the worst in people? This may seem like a strange question, and yet it’s a very important one.

“The best, most efficient way of bringing out the worst in people, is to be one of the worst people yourself.”

That’s right, if you really put your mind to it, you could be the most obnoxious, hateful person it’s possible to be, and then you’ll certainly see all the worst aspects of human nature. You get what you give.

In this way, it’s possible to understand how – by believing the worst of people – it’s possible to bring out the worst in people. For example, in general terms, how do we feel toward abusers, rapists and murderers? Not very charitably that’s for sure. And so what do you imagine abusers, rapists and murders, believe (feel) about us, their fellow man? Do they believe human beings are loving, kind, generous and compassionate beings? Somehow I doubt it.  

It’s possible to take this understanding into many aspects of our lives. If we’re not getting what we want from life, we’d do well to ask ourselves: how do I do this? How do I do, I’m not getting what I want? In other words:

“The crank that turns the wheels of expectation, versus experience and accomplishment, is in fact you.”

If you’re not getting what you want – or need to be sure you’re not self-sabotaging your ambitions – be sure the crank is being turned in your favour, by questioning how it is you get, what you’re currently getting.

If all that’s a little bit too much to take in, consider this last thought. A man I once knew had an uncanny ability to wind-people-up, some would have described him as a ‘wind-up-merchant.’ In some respects a useful technique for a therapist (think emotional-provocation-equals-change) however, in everyday life, all the wind-up-merchant (antagonist) gets – if he’s unaware of his habit – is a confused sense of aggravation.

“Our wind-up-merchant learned this ability from his mother who would often antagonise his father, in order to try and wake him, to the desperate situation he and his family were in at that time.”

Also her inability to express anger (passive-aggressive personality) meant that expression, of this repressed emotion, was sought through the process of antagonising others.

In a strange kind of way, once others became angry, this held release for her; it released her fear. She was frightened and needed others to feel this way also. Similar to the, ‘I-hurt-so-you-hurt’ unconscious processing, of abusers and bullies.


“We get what we give, so remember: give love by looking to empower all those we meet. In this way, we in turn become powerful, compassionate and loving people.”

To Love is to Empower. Be aware of the why and how you’re turning the crank of you and your beliefs. If you’re hurting, stop adding to this pain, by giving it to others; simply madness.

We will only ever ease our pain through expressing and teaching love; something the media are frightened to do – because this would change the world for the better – and what would they have to talk about then, do you think?

belief house of cards

The Belief House of Cards

house of playing cards

“If you’ve ever built a house of cards, and then extracted one of the supporting cards from the bottom, how long does it take for it to collapse? Exactly. A second.”

Would you say – when wanting to disassemble a house of cards – that it’s easier to take it down from the top, or simply pull out a supporting card from the bottom? Again, exactly that, the simplest method, requiring the least amount of effort, will always be the better solution.

Think of a belief system in the same way. The support beliefs will be the ones established in the mind the longest: our earliest experience-learnings, and as such, the foundations for our house and belief system. When we question these beliefs, their origins, logic, usefulness etc. we begin the process of extraction. How far do we need to pull a card, within our belief house, before collapse? As you can imagine, not far at all. Let me give you an example:

Consider someone working within the sex industry who seeks change. What are the beliefs – from early learnings relating to sex and the self – likely to be, of an individual who has chosen to work within this trade? Would you estimate these early learning to have been positive or negative? Does a person who sells their body have a positive or negative self-image? Remember we’re looking slightly deeper than the obvious here.

“The obvious rationalisation, for why someone has chosen to be in the sex trade, is that they’ve fallen on hard times, or they’ve become addicted to drugs and so on, however, it’s the root of the problem that we’re interested in.”

The root cause often escapes the obvious, conscious rationalisation, as it resides deep within the mind of the sufferer. Turning to drugs, for example, is often the cure to the deep-seated, misplaced guilt, inflicted from childhood abuse (never neglecting to remember the abuse of neglect). The cause, that leads to the effect, lies deeper than the obvious.  

“So in terms of our ‘Belief House of Cards,’ the cards, (beliefs) we must extract – through judicious questioning – are the base, supporting ones.”

Our sex worker will have a minimum of two, negative limiting beliefs, relating to sex and the self, that all other beliefs will have been built on. In principle we only need find one of these, extract it, and the house comes tumbling down.

“How long does it take for a house of cards to collapse? Much less time than it takes to build it, that’s for sure.”



When a belief system – and therefore way of life – has taken years to establish itself, to suggest this can be changed overnight, is often met with incredulity, and dare I say it, disbelief. As such, simple metaphor helps in the process we work with, to prevent the self-sabotage of the therapeutic process that some therapist may experience.


The house, built on foundations and clear understandings of love, will always stand the test of time. Many abusers of our children do this under the guise of love. We must explain to the child-within, what love really is and what it really stands for. When we do, their limiting ‘Belief House of Cards,’ collapses into the dust from where it came.

Join our house.


The Spread of Myopia

Future woman with cyber technology eye panel concept

“If we’re never encouraged to look further than the end of our noses we’ll never learn the quality of planning for a better future”

“Look at that over there!”


“Over there, way off into the distance, you can see it.”

If we observe newborn babies, all they seem to look at, is what’s right in front of them. Their eyes only focusing on what’s immediately apparent. Food, comfort, their own fingers, toes or mothers breast perhaps. Looking way off into the distance is not something a newborn needs to do, unless encouraged, that is.

A recent study suggests myopia (short-sightedness) is on the increase. Perhaps only looking at phones or computers, never looking into the distance whilst playing outdoors, is the root to this.

“We may well evolve into a species that loses the ability to see into the distance, our eyes becoming lazy, the lenses fixed only on the light of what’s right in front of us. A sad loss no doubt.”

Encouraged to occasionally look at the future, as well as mostly remaining in the present, enables us to plan ahead. To draw a map with markers staked at points we’re able to easily reach out for. Remaining fixed in the here and now, means we’re solely relying, on maps drawn out for us by those who also potentially lacked foresight. We’re relying on what we’ve been told in the past. The downside being, a limitation on what we believe is possible.

“When we lack foresight we lack the imagination to conceive a better future where many things are possible.”

We must break free from expected norms, and poor standards set by the past (and those within it), and then gain the ability to imagine a better future. This is to be progressive in our thinking.

“All of this is important to consider; if we want to influence others to change in positive ways that is.”

To influence others we briefly look at the past – so we may understand it’s influence on the present. We must then look to an imagined, improved future, to change the negative influences of past mistakes. Without foresight we are lost. Without the courage to see into the distance, we limit and restrict ourselves to the old and outdated beliefs, of the dead. The past is dead and so are those who belonged in it.


There are those concepts and ideas that – once their time finally comes – are considered to have been ‘ahead of their time.’ Be ahead of time, cease the spread of myopia, and be part of a better future with the courage to see into the distance now.

Neglect and Emotional Abuse – The Silent Killers


“We’re hearing a lot about physical and sexual abuse, less heard and less understood, are the silent killers of neglect and emotional abuse.”

When it comes to sexual abuse the damage is often untold. We may find a continuance of unhealthy sexual persuasion. Perhaps we’re promiscuous only to be left with feelings of guilt. Do you find yourself drawn to overpowering and abusing the young as you were?

Social anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence issues, can be related to the powerlessness and confusion we often felt when young. There’s no doubt, the damage of being used, confused and overpowered as a vulnerable child, follows us into adulthood.

It’s often the case, that we’re easily able to work through, and understand the consequences of sexual abuse. We’re able to right the wrongs with compassion, love and understanding, so we may heal our damaged inner child.

“For the victims of neglect and emotional abuse, it’s as if they attract a kind of darkness into their lives – all their lives – only adding to their pain and confusion.”

It’s as if all the bullies, users, abusers, spiteful and hateful people in the world, are drawn especially to them, in order to make their whole lives a painful and miserable experience. The consequences of neglect and emotional abuse, are so far reaching, that they lay waste to so many aspects of our lives. We can become despairing and directionless, falling from one disaster to another, time after time.

A hopeless situation you may think, however, all is not lost. There is much lack within society, and yet this lack, can be countermanded by a waiting abundance, simply through the action of seeking it. I’m not talking about abundance of charity here. I’m not talking about the abundance of a kind hand to a down-and-out on the street here. No, I’m talking about an abundance of information.


“Provided we have the proper resources, information and understandings, shared in a compassionate and loving manner, the human mind has the ability to heal itself.”

The emotionally abused may not want to face their demons. In fact, the resistance to facing a past – filled with neglect and abuse – can be so great, that many therapist fail to help their clients move forward. They may fail, to help those in need, even glimpse beyond the confines of the negative neurological loop, abuse creates.

The cleverly equipped therapist is easily able to assist their client move through the resistance of the ego. So fast and simple, is the modern technique of GOLD Counselling, that the ego simply doesn’t see it coming. Think sleight of hand. Think about the sugar cube given to a child to disguise the sour taste of a polio vaccine dose. Think about pinching the right hand whilst we suture a wound on the left. We may only get two or three shots, at helping our overly resistant client – fearful of their pain – before a stubborn ego kicks in, yet often this is all it takes, to extend and ease a troubled life.

No Competition


“We all know the basics don’t we? We know the nature of the planet we live on. We may even feel that the nature of life, and methods employed for survival, to be cruel and unkind.”

Perhaps the dog-eat-dog stuff, that goes on so much with everything feeding off each other; competing with each other for space or mating rights, is cruel, yet we mustn’t see this as something we’re separate from. We live here, and because of that, we must abide by the rules. Something that often goes overlooked though, is how we must come to understand, the multi-layered nature of these rules. Often the rules of nature are misunderstood or misinterpreted by those who teach us.

If we’re to get on in life – in terms of finding fulfillment, success, comfort and happiness – then we must, and I mean MUST! – understand the rules and look deeper. It’s here where most of us fail. We fail to find fulfillment and success, because we’re failing to properly understand the rules.

“Here’s something that might surprise you: within the rules, at a deeper level than is immediately obvious, there exists a clause. This clause states: we can succeed without being aggressively competitive.”

That’s right, stop looking to compete. For example, currently, within the hive mind of social media, there now exists the fashion of making all-singing, all-dancing, razzmatazz videos. They’re highly produced, no doubt expensive to make, and created by egotistical people fighting to be at the top of their game. From producers and directors, to actors and graphic designers, all creating beautiful videos that are entertaining, and sometimes informative.

If you want to get a message across, yet have neither the skill, resources or inclination to make such high quality videos, don’t even try. Don’t do it, because all you’re going to do, is use up valuable time and money to end up feeling frustrated. If, however, you desperately want to be able to make quality videos – because you feel this is the only way to get a message across – be sure you’re able to match all the available resources of your competitors, and this will include, a fighting, competitive nature.

“Alternatively, finding something – potentially hidden from view – within the rules of survival, is key.”

This key rule can guarantee a less painful, time consuming and expensive method of finding success. This hidden rule includes the importance of originality. In other words: Do something different and get good at it. In this way, competing, as is prescribed by most, becomes redundant.

“When we compare ourselves to nature, looking at a deeper level, we will see the rules, are not survival of the fittest, but survival of the smartest and most adaptable.”

Those of us who are able to think ourselves out of trouble, or think of an original way of succeeding at the game, are the ones who have the easiest time of it; the ones who are able to clearly see the easiest path. In this way, we’re not part of the dog-eat-dog self-preservation world, instead, we’re part of a special group of people, who have looked to raise their game and step above the crowd. Not better, just different.

“Whilst in this raised, different position, these people also understand the importance of empowering and lifting their fellow man to the same heights as themselves.”

This is achieved, not through being cruel, unkind and aggressively competitive, but by teaching how we must gain the insight, that enables us to be accepting and understanding of how the rules differ, on many different levels. All we need do is look deeper and then help others do the same, reminding ourselves, we only ever have what we give or teach.

“The action of giving or teaching reinforces that which exists within us. Teach aggressive competitiveness, and we will be this way, alternatively teach original, creative thinking, and we reinforce this originality within ourselves.”

You may have heard the phrase “the meek shall inherit the earth.” In its truest, clearest sense, what this means is: it’s not the aggressive, competitive creatures of the world, that’ll become its masters, it’s those who have raised themselves above what the eyes believe they see. In other words, what you believe the world is, at the superficial level i.e a cruel and unkind place full of competitive fighters, is what you’ll personally experience. In this way, you, also become cruel, aggressive, unkind and worst of all, superficial.

“By the same measure, believing the world is a place where adaptability and cleverness is the best and easiest means to progress, will ultimately mean you become clever and adaptable. You will be meekly gaining a rich inheritance.”


Remember, if you want to compete on a superficial level, then you’ll need to be a fighter, who is prepared to receive the odd bloody nose. However, If you want to win, through cleverness and adaptability, pay close attention to those who often go unnoticed. Pay attention to the meek, for they, shall inherit the earth.


Brilliant at Stating the Obvious

Nothing is actually obvious until you’ve been shown it. It’s only after reading or being taught something do we say: “well, that’s just so obvious.” Let’s just make it really clear – it wasn’t that way until after we’d read it, or had been taught it. Oh, but NOW…! well, how bloody obvious!

The thing about the obvious, is that teaching it – and simply because of it’s nature – obviousness leaves no impression. However, if we allowed ourselves to be influenced by this – to the point we give up showing or saying it – ignorance would prevail.

Now, the reason something is obvious, is because it’s easy to learn. It’s easy to learn because it’s already there; already there but only at an unconscious level. Take the example of a man who beats his wife. We know this is mainly driven by fear, yet it’s not until someone – who we perhaps see as an authority on the subject – points it out, do we truly get it.

It’s as if the understanding, just pointed out to us, was already within our grasp: we knew it, but didn’t know we knew it. This doesn’t diminish its power though. If anything, it makes the ability, to point out the obvious, invaluable to us all.

Someone or something ‘needs’ to have made us aware, of what was previously an unconscious understanding, before it becomes fully conscious, and consequently obvious. “Man you’re just so obvious!” Well fuck you! Conscious enough for you?

As a further example, consider someone who works in the reptile enclosure at the local zoo. As bizarre as it may seem, this individual actually has a deep hatred of reptiles, yet dutifully gets out of bed each morning, in order to tend to the stinking reptiles he so loathes.

After years and years of doing this job, he begins to find it increasingly hard to motivate himself, and get out of bed in the mornings. After some further time – to really get his pain and suffering to intolerable levels – our reptile carer decides to get some outside, objective assistance, to improving his health.


How odd – it may now seem – that we should need to point out, doing a job we hate, will, in time, make us unwell? Crazy isn’t it? However millions of us are doing this very same thing every day! How bizarre is it that so many of us should feel like we have no choice? Our reptile keeper had been thinking to himself: “well, this is what I do, I look after reptiles.” How about, ‘fuck the reptiles man, go out and get a fucking life!’ Obvious? It is now.

what's the plan?

So, What Exactly Was the Plan?

what's the plan
Openings to mind

“There she is, appearing on national television, telling the world how hard it will be now, and how she may as well quit her job, because her benefits are being capped at £23,000 a year.”

Be cautious if you’re instantly feeling like this may be a judgemental rant, because as with most assumptions, you’d be wrong. All, that will be attempted here, is some assistance for future generations by using the above example further.

You see, the lady in question was being interviewed by a journalist on national TV, about the issue of benefit capping, and how it is now being enforced here in the UK. From today, no one will be entitled to claim more than £23,000 per year – outside of London – or £26,000 within.

All well and good you may say, as the intention – of this capping – is to encourage people, who’ve become dependant on the benefits system, to go back to work. The problem now being, as you’ll have noted above, and for reasons not fully explained, the lady in question doesn’t feel able to carry on working.

To add insult to injury, our example is a single mother with eight children (no that’s not a spelling mistake) and as such, benefits are currently something she’s not only dependent on, but her eight children are being kept alive with. And let’s not forget, the elite ruling classes of this country, do need all these children to survive, as a future generation will be needed to do all the hard work, pay their bills and facilitate an opulent lifestyle. Perhaps I’m joking with that last sentence, you decide.

Now, our journalist made the point that £23,000 is more money than many people survive on who work – and as a mother – she had decided to have eight children. A fair point, and the lady in question responded by saying: “yes, but I didn’t plan on being alone.” If I was interviewing this unfortunate lady, my response would be: ‘are you sure about that?’

A beneficial understanding of the human mind – is to know – that at a level our example wasn’t consciously aware of, she did actually plan, to be alone with eight children. An unconscious plan to prove her generalised, negative beliefs about men and women, will have been the driver of this plan. She may well believe this:

Men are:

users, bastards, deserters.

Women are:

used, lonely, afraid

These negative beliefs, or similar, are generalised in the unconscious mind, and will have been in operation at varying points during her relationships. Indeed, whenever a man left her, they would most certainly have become conscious, but if for a short time only.

So back on point, it’s not our single mother, with her eight children, who’s to blame here. Neither is it the hack-journalist – using her as an extreme example, for the purposes of teaching guilt, so the elite may retain power over her – no, it’s the fault of our failing education system.

If we could turn back time, one thing we could do, is this: We could take hold of our future single mother, as a teenage child, and gently point out some facts of life, that certain people would prefer she didn’t come to understand. These facts of life go like this:

“So far, during your time here on earth, you will have been taught some conflicting beliefs. Within these belief systems there will be positive beliefs and negative ones – you only need consider your physics classes for a moment, to understand the need for positives and negatives in the universe.

Now, when it comes to relationships, you may well hold the belief that men will love you, yet how they love you and what love is, may  be incorrect. You may believe they love you when they take you to bed. This is incorrect.”

You may also believe that because men are deserters, users and bastards, that having babies, is the solution to keeping them home, this is also incorrect.

If you would like a healthy, loving relationship in the future, where the man respects and empowers you, be cautious about how you behave now, as this will determine the type of man you welcome into your life in the future.”

If you’re a woman reading this, and you’re very fortunate, you’ll hold the beliefs – and they will be the predominant unconscious beliefs – that love is empowerment and that men love you when they look to teach you this, and build your sense of individuality in the process. The result being a wonderful, if not beautiful relationship – or relationships, as nothing lasts forever.


Once courageous enough, we’ll all be able to empower our children in this way. Remember, there is no one to blame here, except a system built for control. Only when we have the strength to shine light, on the shadows of ignorance, will we set people free – all people.

finding clarity

Take Your Mind Out of Confusion


The key to finding clarity is specifics. Be specific, ask yourself: ‘What specifically do I want?’

We live in confusing times. We’re constantly receiving mixed messages from those around us. Be it politicians, work colleagues, managers or peers, all seem to be telling us different things, and giving us conflicting advice.

The media are most to blame in terms of these confused and mixed  messages. You might wonder why this is. Why do the media and so many others seem to be sending such confusion out? The short answer to that question is, they’re simply confused themselves.

Let’s take a recent example: The fifa debacle over poppies and the right of football players to display them on Armistice day. Fifa’s secretary general, Fatma Samoura stated: “Britain is not the only country that has been suffering from the result of war.” If you think about this statement for a moment, you’ll see how it politicises the whole issue. The very reason fifa cited for banning the display of poppies in the first place. It brings to mind the expression ‘all criticism is self-criticism.’ There is nothing further to say of Fatma and her response.

“So confusion is something constantly sent out from the confused. We can ask: Why are so many people currently living in a state of confusion? What does confusion actually do for us?”

If we’re maintaining a state of mind, or it’s being maintained by the forces that be, we can be sure that it’s serving some kind of purpose. Believe it or not, confusion can be seen to have value. Consider what’s being done, and what changes are actually taking place, whilst we’re all confused? Exactly. Nothing.

When we’re confused, unsure of which direction to take, or which choice to make, the best response is often to just freeze and do nothing. We’re being kept in a kind of stasis through confusion. It’s either that, or we make bad decisions, and take the worst choices, through being ill informed.

The remedy or antidote, obviously, is to take our minds out of this state by finding clarity. We do this through specifics and then listening to the correct guidance. The correct guidance comes from our own clear thinking. We have clear thinking when we exclude the confused messages. In other words, decide to block out mixed, confused and conflicting messages.

Here, is a clear, exact and important message for clarity:

“The confused are those who are frightened. They’re frightened because they have little control over their own minds and ego. Their grasping battle for power over others, is being played out through sending out confused, mixed and conflicting messages. There’s currently a vicious downward cycle of confusion being perpetuated, through their fear, of losing control.”


Take back control through the rule of exclusion (see my previous post) and you’ll find instant relief. Once in a clear calm, rational state of mind, ask yourself again: ‘What specifically do I want?’

Just Play The Game

play the game

“Here’s what you need: Money, and not just a little bit, you need lots and lots of it.”

Okay, now we’ve established that, we’re ready to play. The game we’re going to play is called: LIFE WITH THE HUMAN ANIMAL

For what ever reason, the way things are set up here on planet earth, dictates, that in order to experience the most from life, and get the easiest, happiest experience of it, you need money. The more you have, the happier and easier all will be. Consider just two examples – although there are many – Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg. Are these two people happy? You bet they are.

The counter argument to ‘rich-makes-happy’ has been posed many times over the years, and it goes something like this: you don’t need money to be happy all you need is love. Fair enough, however, if there is no love or you simply don’t understand what this is, then money is certainly a solution.

Now, how we go about getting money – under the rules of how we play this game – don’t really matter. You can borrow it, steal it, exploit others for it, sell your body for it – or indeed that of others. You can even live off imaginary money that only exists in computers or on ledgers as numbers. The rules are very lax, and provided you understand the rules, all is well.

For example, if you decide to steal to get rich, then you must be prepared for the possibility of being caught and punished. Stealing (unless disguised as something else) is considered a crime here on planet earth. You must be clever when it comes to stealing. Most thieves, here on earth, are clever enough to disguise the theft of your money as a service or product. Often the thieves will be exploiting you through your weaknesses (desires of the ego and fear).

It really doesn’t matter what service or product you decide to offer the public, as most, if not all services and products, involve some kind of exploitation, it’s just in the nature of things here. To help you understand this, consider the opposite of what weakness and fear is: Strength and Love

“True strength is displayed by those who have control over their ego and the necessary understandings of love. When you have this magical combination, you’ll be happy, and life will be less of a struggle. This is compared to others who live with the disability of ignorance.”

That last paragraph is certainly worth pondering on. Fully understand it, and your sentence will be life.

It could be said: wealth is attained by those with a good business sense (amongst other things, an ability to separate human sensibilities from business affairs). When you know that business is simply that: business, and nothing else, you’ll have a good hand when it comes to money and the game. It could just as easily be said, if you’re unable to compartmentalise in this way, getting into business to earn lots of dosh is probably not the way for you.

In other words, if you’re a truly empathetic person who has a constant sense of how things ‘feel’ to others, and have a powerful need to display integrity and reason, one of the best ways for you to find money, will probably be in the arts or caring professions. A challenging way to make a living, but very rewarding. The complete opposite of empathic, is psychopathic, and if so, business will certainly be your game. There’s currently plenty of very rich psychopaths in the world.

“That’s not to say all wealthy people are psychopaths, it could just as easily be, they also have a fine understanding of love, fear and the weaknesses of ego, indeed, it’s this very understanding, coupled with clever business sense, that’s the difference that’s made the difference for them.”

With all this said, there is another game we can play. Yes that’s right, it’s called: LIFE WITH THE HUMAN as opposed to LIFE WITH THE HUMAN ANIMAL. In this particular game you’ll be playing with a minority of people. These people are very, very clever, for they understand some very specific rules. One of the rules of this game is the rule of Exclusion.

The rule of exclusion involves learning the ability to be extremely selective. This is to say, to play this game well, you’ll need to have learned how to exclude your own human weaknesses, you’ll have learned all about integrity, and you’ll have a very specific understanding of what it means to love your fellow man.

play the game

When you’re able to exclude those from your life – who don’t play by the same set of rules – money and riches, believe it or not, become less relevant. We all need to learn this irrelevance, because very few of us get really rich, and even though there are rich people in the world, not many of them share their wealth in a constructive and useful manner.

“There are many billions of people currently living in poverty here on earth. If wealth, information and intelligence were better shared, we could change this very quickly.”

And so, the more we change the disability of ignorance, into the ability of love, and the more we’re able to exclude the self-centered takers who exploit us, the more we’re likely to enjoy the new community of people created. A community that are more likely to share their wealth, love and understandings, and in turn exclude crippling poverty for billions.

Ultimately, whichever game you choose: LIFE WITH THE HUMAN ANIMAL or LIFE WITH THE HUMAN enjoy the process, yet know: often the games we play promote a grasping and suffering we remain ignorant to, or they promote a giving and sharing we can experience pleasure from. Both worth thinking about.

Something also worth thinking about is, the rules of both the games described, do come down to what we believe, and what we believe, is and will always be, the biggest determiner in what kind of life we and others live.