Relationship and Beliefs Focused DevelopmentIntroducing the New and Dynamic Personal Development Weekend Workshop, from The Freedman College.

A relationships and beliefs focused weekend, where you will meet like-minded people, eager to expand and free their minds.

Believe You Can:

“Learn the secrets of the unconscious mind, how to reprogram your thinking, and remove limiting beliefs” 

Break Free From The Past:

“Gain greater stability and further develop your interpersonal skills with the introduction to our powerful relationships model. A modern approach to finding joyful and loving partnerships”

Reach Your Potential:

“Begin to reach your full potential through learning our unique, creative methodology, for permanently instilling positive and empowering beliefs.”

Take Some Time to Explore

If you are seeking inspiration visit our Blog and search at random. You may find yourself provoked into action, at the very least, you will find enlightening insight into some of the philosophies we follow.

Take Some Time to Study

Although not essential, ownership of our workbook, before workshop attendance, is highly recommended. Prior study will give you clear insight, into what can be gained from questioning established models, beliefs and expectations. Our workbook is now available for purchase on the Create Beautiful Partnerships page.

The schedule for London 2019 can be found on our Development Workshops: London 2019 page. Courses run throughout the year, with next available dates – at our easily accessible north London venue – regularly updated on our business Website and events section of our Facebook page.

Additional Tools to Help Navigate, the Often Choppy Waters, of Life
Additional Tools to Help Navigate, the Often Choppy Waters, of Life

If you are available on those dates, you can apply for your place – on one of our small (maximum of fourteen participants) and informal weekend workshops – by completing the online form here: Contact Us.

Further Details on What to Expect.

For general enquires call 07724 293 706 between 12 midday and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively you can write to us: info@freedmancollege.org

“The most influential teachers in life, inspire, so you may follow them along the easiest path, as they guide, holding up their lanterns of experience before them”

– Philip Whittingham Author and Therapist