The Freedman College

Temporarily Closed

The Freedman College, established in 2016 by Philip Whittingham, currently welcomes inquiries concerning Meditation/Mindfulness and Self-hypnosis Workshops. The college strictly adheres to many of the teachings formed by Georges Lyndy Philips, the creators of GOLD Counselling: Analytical and Creative Transformation.

Personal Development

The benefits to self development are often overlooked or even feared. Once we understand how it’s possible to successfully untangle a subject – to expose its most valuable aspects – we overcome our fear, and clearly see the improved, brighter future now available.

Through developed minds our lives can open up in ways never before expected. The Freedman College is committed to upholding the standards, clarity and authenticity, of knowledge gained from those who are passionate, about living life, to its fullest.

The Root of Our Name

A freedman or freedwoman is a formerly enslaved person who has been released from slavery. It is the view of this college that we are all, to a greater or lesser degree, enslaved by our beliefs. 

Freewill is brought into question when we consider the extent to which we are driven by core beliefs formed in our early development. It is only those who have the tenacity and fortitude to question the present day relevance and value of their beliefs, that are able to edge toward a true sense, of freewill. 

We must seek to simplify information that can empower. It is common for intellectuals to publicise their poorly researched theories and seek to gain power over the less fortunate, through teaching mixed, confusing and conflicting messages. 

In addition to this, the removal of guidelines and structure from children’s development, is causing untold damage. Children have a right to structured guidance and development that is free of confusion. Adults leading beautiful lives are the ones fortunate enough to have been awarded proper structure and guidance during their developmental years. Examples and education, free of confusion and conflict, was their golden ticket. 

Children that are raised through beautiful examples of what it means to be a free and loving person, stand a far greater chance of leading contented, happy lives. Proper guidelines, boundaries and respect for the sensitivities of young human minds, better equip us all to live well. 

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